As part of Blockchain developers community and as a WAX GUILD we were brainstorming what could be a tool that can bring more value to the masses.

While other GUILDs are working on instruments that are close to blockchain itself, I think this niche is pretty covered with plenty of tools, however we will introduce some tools soon for gaming projects.

Our product name is HashIT or Hash. Idea is pretty simple, with any kind of creative piece of work you can send a transaction into blockchain, so its content can be hashed and counted as a proof of authorship.

There are numerous use cases and users, such as:

  • writers, book authors or any text content
  • music, audio content
  • picture, photo, art , or any visual content you would like to protect.
  • any document that can be uploaded via our service

IMPORTANT. Current version allows user not to send us any files, those are handled locally, so you will not send your creatives to any 3rd party.

Product overview :

Product is released as web application, it has 3 simple steps at the moment.

First step is to allow user to enter their information , it is as additional step if you like to keep it personalised. Thus it will be hashed, so only user will know original data entered.

Step 1

NOTE. User must remember and keep track of what was entered. So keep it simple: your first, last name and common used email if any.

Second step is to load data you would like, as stated above it can be any document. As what we do is we take a hash of document and will store it into WAX blockchain. Current limit is 100 MB per file.

Step 2

NOTE. At current version you are responsible to keep a file as is. Any single change in file will change a corresponding hash. So you won’t be able to use it as a proof. Please keep those files/data somewhere in separate place or cloud.

Third step is simply verify and confirm that hashed data will go into blockchain. In case of error, it can be re-started from Step 1.

Step 3

After saving data, user will see Success screen, with all the data and link to blockchain explorer. Besides offering to send email with all data, so you can keep track of it and save at users’ email account.

Success Screen

At blockchain level it will look as 2 hashed values saved, see screenshot below.

hashed data in blockchain
hashed data in blockchain


This is first version of this tool, we have plans to release it as mobile application.

Moreover there are ideas to improve it as we go:

  • add version control, so saving version of files.
  • implement simple user login(wax cloud, and version history of data via smart contract tables)
  • propose cloud storage for those who don’t want to keep original files at their own storage
  • use another blockchain(s) to keep separate

Some of these features might be paid, if we will see good traction, so right now our goal is to launch it as free tool, get user’s feedback and receive emails of those who wants more functionality.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please write us at [email protected]