Blockchain Migration Service

Dapplica offers migration to EOSIO based blockchain which can be modified up to your needs


Each blockchain project is facing a lot of development issues and trying to find efficient solutions for it. Some of projects coping with this issues by thier own, another projects are looking for simpler and more effective ways.

Dapplica has got some successful cases, when ambitious projects that were launching own chains are moving into existing codebase, such as EOSIO.

Free transactions

EOS works with a delegated proof-of-stake type of consensus. According to the consensus functioning principle, nodes, which maintaining the network, receive rewards from annual inflation. This allows transactions to be free.

Development language

EOS smart contracts are written in C++. From a development side this is a huge plus. The language has been around for several decades, there is a lot of information about it and it has a large developers community. There is a huge development infrastructure in C++, which greatly simplifies and speeds up developing process.


EOSIO network performance is up to 4000 tps, which is 200 times faster than Ethereum. There is no need to wait for your turn in EOS, transaction is processed almost instantly. This speed allows any dApp to show the highest performance.


EOSIO protocol has two useful features: accounts and permissions. Such features make it possible to implement more complex logic, such as security, models of user access rights and user authority of the dApp.

Dapplica Technology Stack

Frontend and Backend

Dapplica has background in web and mobile applications.

UI/UX:  We have in-house UX/UI pros.

Web Stack is modern stack we are using:

  • AngularJS, ReactJS, HTML5/Canvas, eosJS

  • Backend: NodeJS, MongoDB

Mobile Apps:

  • Native: Android/Java, IOS/Swift

  • Hybrid: React Native

Smart Contract

Dapplica, as the blockchain consulting firm, is focused on EOS blockchain as the fastest solution so far in crypto space.

We built 10+ smart contracts using eos API and C++

Clients reviews

What real people say

At the early stages of Prospectors game launch preparation we had a lack of capacity with smart contract development and marketing. We were looking for a partner who would be able to ensure professional solutions in these directions. Dapplica coped with both expertly. Prospectors team highly recommend Dapplica as a full cycle blockchain development company.

Nazar Chervinskiy

Co-Founder & CEO of Prospectors,

Dapplica is a competent, knowledgable and professional team of EOS dApp developers. They provided extremely valuable auditing feedback that was critical to our mainnet launch. We recommend Dapplica as an excellent choice for your EOS dApp development needs. Their assistance will ensure your launch is a success and accelerate your time to market.

Aaron Caswell

Head of Blockchain Development,

Dapplica did a fantastic job building and supporting ZEOS for us. They were very knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to our next project together.

Roman Skaskiw

Сo-founder of CryptoLions, EOS Block Producers

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