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About Us

Dapplica is a blockchain development and consulting agency.
We are experts in EOS dapp development and smart contracts auditing, including technical consultation and tokenization.

Team expertize

The start of Dapplica, as a dApps developing company, can be considered June 2018, when EOS mainnet launched.

Our team is made up of software&technology leaders, business developers and marketing experts with a great experience in software products development, in the adoption, integration and realization of enterprise scaled projects. We have a successful experience in Bitcoin and Ethereum based projects as well.

EOS blockchain experience

From the time of EOS mainnet launched we were exploring EOS ecosystem and found out a lot of possibilities. During last 2 years we’ve gained a number of dApps in various fields like exchanges, gambling, advertising and gaming, made a lot of smart contract audits of different dApps.

Now we are working together with EOS block producers and other EOS ecosystem players to release open and accessible platforms, products based on EOS blockchain.

Vision and mission

Dapplica team is passionate about building decentralized, fully transparent and provably fair future through blockchain dApps. We believe blockchain is a future enterprise technology for services that will change life of every person.

Our mission is to make blockchain solutions open and useful for the most important spheres of our life via providing next generation services and applications.

Our skills

Gaming dApps development

Dapplica is experienced to build different gaming applications

Financial and business services

We can offer decentralized financial solutions, both on web and mobile

Advertising & Marketing dApps

Dapplica can fulfill your need in advertising field

What Clients Say?

“Dapplica is a competent, knowledgable and professional team of EOS dApp developers. They provided extremely valuable auditing feedback that was critical to our mainnet launch. We recommend Dapplica as an excellent choice for your EOS dApp development needs. Their assistance will ensure your launch is a success and accelerate your time to market”
Aaron Caswell
Head of Blockchain Development, WAX.io
“At the early stages of Prospectors game launch preparation we had a lack of capacity with smart contract development and marketing. We were looking for a partner who would be able to ensure professional solutions in these directions. Dapplica coped with both expertly. Prospectors team highly recommend Dapplica as a full cycle blockchain development company”
Nazar Chervinskiy
Co-Founder & CEO of Prospectors, prospectors.io
“Dapplica did a fantastic job building and supporting ZEOS for us. They were very knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to our next project together.”
Roman Skaskiw
Сo-founder of CryptoLions, EOS Block Producers

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