Code of Conduct

Our mission is to reach WAX full potential as one of the most adopted gaming blockchain platform in the world.


Reach WAX full potential as one of the most adopted gaming blockchain platform in the world.


Maintain a secure, robust and scalable WAX mainnet, build tools to empower our community and grow WAX adoption through education.

Our values


Purpose is more important than Profit

Being a WAX block producer is a responsibility and we will never compromise our mission’s achievement for short-term rewards.


We value Collaboration more than Competition

None of us is as smart as all of us. We are interdependent and we believe that collaboration between members of the network is key to achieve greater goals.



Full transparency is key for trust. Trust is the foundation of great teamwork.


Community driven

We work with freedom and empowerment to serve our community. Our team’s main effort is to deliver results and build value for the WAX community.

Code of Conduct

Block Production First

Dapplica will devote all resources necessary to maintain a secure, robust and scalable infrastructure aligned with mainnet demands, aiming to be a top BP on all benchmarks. Reinvesting in infrastructure will always be our first priority. We comply with 24/7 processing transactions, upgrading the network, and emergency response.


Ethics & Integrity

We only take actions that are not only legally pristine and ethically sound, but also that make us morally proud of.



Dapplica is an independent Block Producer.

We are not owned or controlled by any other organization, including other Block Producers.

Dapplica is self-funded and completely independent from other institutions or financial investors. We act solely based on this code of conduct principles.

Dapplica is based in Lviv, Ukraine.



Dapplica will disclose ownership structure, financial, technical and business information while respecting individual rights to life, liberty and property.


Dapplica is committed to actively engage with other BPs and the technical community to evolve WAX software and network operation. The team will always dedicate effort to create tools, events and content that are useful for other BPs and developers. We shall never collude or engage in activity that compromise our independence.


We want to empower and serve our community. Our team will offer tools and informed reports on WAX technical and governance discussions. We also want to grow WAX adoption through education.

Committed and Trusted Team

Dapplica seeks to have a committed and high performing team. We value freedom, empowerment and horizontality on our workplace. We will try to keep it that way as we grow.

Vote Buying

Dapplica is completely against offering any kind of financial advantage in exchange for votes. Those practices negatively impact the network’s value by engaging in inflationary activities unrelated to the incentive mechanisms that tokenize value creation and network demand. Dapplica promises to not pay for votes, directly or indirectly, via distribution of dividends or other forms of compensation that would create a conflict between voters and network interests.

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