Hey, WAX Community.

September has been a hot month for Dapplica and especially its products and activities.

Our team has been working hard to deliver number of product updates, so let’s deep dive into.

  1. Dark Country, is our flagman product, a blockchain game.
    • As a part of ongoing partnership strategy we launched a collaboration with Nova Rally. We took part in development of staking smart contract on our side in order to keep DC collection NFTs under our control. More can be found here, so now WAX DC Lands holders could benefit on owning these.
    • Prepared and launched big tournament with 700$ prize pool in NFTs. It is multistage tournament with over 50 of participants. Pre-finals are on the spot.
    • An update for Dark Country game is released, where users can try a subset of Vampire cards.
    • Working hard on preparing lands gameplay, reaching a point to run it on testnet.
  2. Collect.Social – a social platform for NFT collectors.
    • Collect got back with new round of voting(4), so now we can congratulate new collection StarCards to join our platform.
    • Also we added previous round winner, Alpaca collection
    • Got 4 more advertisers in our Promo Club, and approved some of their campaigns so far.
    • On Collect we launched 72 Gallery spot auctions which resulted in burning 40% of Racoon token supply(over 4 000 000 of tokens in total). Which is for sure great success, as we will launch a gallery, those auctions gonna start as ongoing event, which will keep up Racoon tokenomics.
    • Re-designed / re-developed some of Gallery functionality, to be launched in September with revised Token model.
  3. NEST – a decentralized Hub for gaming.
    1. We are rethinking on how this hub might be improving gamers and game developers experience and working towards some great ideas on how to gamify NFTs as core gameplay objects. Stay Tuned…
    2. We reviewed and added 7 more games into the hub, resulting now around 20 games total available, those are games that already run at least into Alpha stage. WAX getting big, isn’t it? https://nest.dapplica.io/top-games

Dapplica is also consulting several external projects on how to make collections in a right way, a NFT drop in a right setup, being a tech partner to some of those. We will unveil some of these in next posts.

Dapplica as WAX Guild also has lots of ideas that we would like to bring into WAX ecosystem, most of these are related to our strong side which is gaming. We are keen to make development of games to be easier and more straightforward on WAX.

Aside from that we are working towards adding more into our infrastructure services. Which we will update in the next Community Update.