Dark Country (Released)

  • Number of bug fixes done for cards and lands gameplay;
  • 2 tournaments, 5000 WAX prize pool each run;
  • Auctions system launched: 5 Champion hero packs sold via that, burned over 4M of SDM token;
  • Android build is finished, and now merging with a recent desktop game client;
  • Guild Wars was released, and many fixes and updates were done;
  • Farming launched;
  • In-game client: SDM market for standard packs and unpacker implemented;
  • Daily prizes were added for PVP games. 

    In plans: 

  • More Android and IOS build testing;
  • More Expansion set(new 40 cards) release;
  • Big Balance patch;
  • Heroes added to gameplay for card game;
  • Items crafting;
  • Leagues and Seasons as well as a daily ladder to release.


No updates for last month. 

Collect.Social (Released)

  • On average we have 50 unique users for p2earn in the Gallery only, and 1000 games played per day;
  • Continue on ongoing auctions for Gallery Spots and RACOON tokens, with 6 spots per day auctioned;
  • Collect.Social has 100 users according to DappRadar.
    Also, there are 100+ daily users (not yet tracking as users are not doing direct action via blockchain, it’s completed by our server once) for play-to-earn and over 6000 puzzle games played daily.

In plans:

  • Launching of the 3D gallery (in development);
  • New Puzzles are to be launched as part of the p2earn approach, people can buy puzzles via RACOON token and receive WAX as prizes.

DiyFarm (Released)

  • Users can create their own farming pools with any token added;
  • Updated logic of payouts.

New game in development

Codename RTP. Documents with details shared to Ig email. Status on a new game: 

  • Concept documents, presentations, and details can be shared upon request;
  • The phase of UI elements designs is in progress;
  • The phase of smart contracts architecture Is in progress;
  • January/February: further development of smart contracts for the project, and web UI(designs).
  • The core logic is to be ready by the end of February and deployed on testnet for starting testing. 

Widget/Tool: Atomic Notify bot in telegram: @atomicnotifybot

  • updated stats on the bot: Users: 274, Wallets: 163.