Dark Country Updates (Released):

  • Deckbuilding limitation to only free basic deck and cards owned by players;
  • 40 new cards were added, and almost all 250 cards now are in the game;
  • Gathering feedback and tweaking Lands Playtests;
  • Tournament with 1000 WAX prize pool;
  • Lands gameplay is now launched on mainnet, still testing the model and getting feedback.
In plans: 
- 1) Launch of Dark Country Lands and play to earn end of April, add all cards that already issued in collections. 
- 2) PR and Bloggers outreach, partnership deal to finish for 10 000 WAX from sponsor. 
- 3) testing out paid aquisition for new users outside of WAX, from competitors in regular gaming markets. Improving our funnel. 
- 4) Tech: SDM staking for all players on lands, Introduction of Alliances, Idle city builder in the card game part, 3D UI updated and polished.


(Can be found at @atomicnotifybot)

  • Added multiple wallets to be handled, referral program to unlock more features, gathering feedback;
  • Updated stats on the bot: Users: 187, Wallets: 105 in total using it;
  • Details on a bot.


  • A new advertiser came in, paid one that will be used to boost the project and WAX ecosystem;
  • On average we have 50 unique users for p2earn in the Gallery only, and 1000 games played per day;
  • Continue on ongoing auctions for Gallery Spots and RACOON tokens, with 6 spots per day auctioned (100+ auctions done in March/April);
  • A new collection that won on voting has been added to Collect (Graffiti Kings);
  • Outreach of 35 NFT Authors/collections into Collect to continue voting;
  • Added new Defi pool/product by Dapplica that boosts tokens for different projects at DIYFarm, 5000 WAX pool for RACOON token farming launched for 5 weeks;
  • Collect.Social has 100-250 users according to DappRadar. Also, there are 100+ daily users (not yet tracking as users are not doing direct action via blockchain, it’s completed by our server once) for play-to-earn and over 6000 puzzle games played daily;
  • In plans for the following month are improvements and updates on Collect Gallery, a sub-project run on Defi farming to promote the RACOON token as well;
  • New Puzzles to be launched as part of p2earn approach, people can buy puzzles via RACOON token and receive WAX as prizes.


  • Added V1 and V2 (Hyperion full history nodes), welcome everyone to use it;
  • People report that they use it.