Wax Guild Application

Please provide the information below in a public blog post:

A public website URL 


A link to at least one active social media account or blog





Official WAX Guild candidate name


Location of company headquarters

Lviv, Ukraine

Expected location of servers


Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc)

 Bare Metal

Current employee list and pictures

Oleh Mykhaylovych, CEO

Ivan Kravets, CTO

Andrew B., Fullstrack dapp developer

Vitaliy Y., EOS Smart contract developer 

Ilya M., DevOps, EOS smart contract developer

Danylo P., Game designer, customer support

Anton Y., Marketing and user acquisition

Anna P., Frontend dapp developer

Relevant background qualifications

Ivan Kravets. Has numerous years in software development and delivery as well as environment setup. Dapplica is active community member since EOS inception and built a name around it by helping other chains or dapps to launch. Kept our EOS mainnet node for several months, while had strong need. 

Oleh Mykhaylovych. Started as software developer over 15 years ago, quickly moved into running own agency. Moving forward after exit from agency and even during agency times tried and run plenty of own ideas(startups). This is where we think Oleh can impact with creative approach and ability to bring talent and deliver ideas. 

Tech specs, including an estimate of technical specifications and total expenditure for resources to the WAX Blockchain

2 x Intel Xeon (I7), 128 GB RAM ,  2-4 TB SSD 

Estimated scaling plan for hardware

We are ready to scale hardware as network will require that, following latest standards in EOS community.

Community benefit project outline

Mass P2P games, entertainment services for WAX blockchain users to maintain users interest in WAX blockchain and to attract new off-chain users. 

In particular we are preparing to launch at least 2 games one is Token Wars another is Card Trading game utilizing decentralized assets.

Your thoughts on:


Hope the network of GUILDS and active users will make WAX a great community and blockchain in terms of decentralized governance. 

Transparency and accountability 

This is a must to what we think Guild should be. At Dapplica we are open to publish reports and updates as well as part of our plan to launch DApps and frameworks that might help ecosystem in general. 


We are especially good in terms of security audits of smart contracts so playing around making WAX chain safe place for users and DApps is what we could impact a lot. Making no exit scams for example could be great call to resolve. 


Infrastructure is core of every blockchain. It’s important especially on hi-loaded chains to be in fast and reliable data center locations. We are working with several trusted providers that keep uptime and connection speed as well as propose great hardware. 

Other topics you feel are important for WAX Guilds candidates to address

We believe that having right expertise and focus on WAX as long term partner is what makes us unique. We are not planning to launch numerous nodes for other chains as we would like to focus on one core chain to match own audience and connect gamers and crypto users as one of biggest possible blockchain user bases as of now.