Hey, WAX Community.

One more great month is coming to the end, October was full of updates and events around WAX and Dapplica team as well.

Here are our product updates:

  1. Dark Country Updates:
    • Dark Country Game x Сollect.Social x Exit Limbo Collab Raffle launched
    • Game Client Update, with 13 new Vampire cards added. Fixes and improvements on custom game mode.
    • Semi finals and finals on Dark Country tournaments
    • Dark Country game client update (Ratings introduced, 5 more vampire cards and fixes on old ones), https://chronicles.darkcountry.io/game/recent-update/alpha-version-0-1-21-rating-piasa-card-vampires/
    • Lands gameplay: finish internal testing and to announce getting public play test of Lands functionality( whitelist to be announced in October)
  2. NEST ( NEST.dapplica.io )
    • No updates
  3. Collect.social
    • Voting round 5 done, congrats to winner Dark Galaxies,
    • Added winners of previous round: StarCards into Collect.
    • Got 2 more advertisers in our promo Club, and approved some of their campaigns so far.
    • Testing Gallery functionality, to be launched in November, working on updates on Token model.

Dapplica unveiled a partner and advising that project, which is Deep Mine. We’ve being working on NFT schemas and templates to setup and some other tech stuff for Deep Mine.