Hey, WAX Community!

  1. Dark Country Updates:
    • 3 Big updates made for Dark Country Card game with new cards added and significant card balance update.
    • Big Tournament is Finished! 8 finalists got prizes worth thousands of US dollars.
    • Launched public playtest for Lands gameplay with over 500 of registered users to jump into testing and good prizes.
  2. NEST (NEST.dapplica.io):
    • NEST is moving into adding more technical features and creating a gamified NFTs, via number of smart contracts. First part of it released as open source blending of NFTs. Can be found here;
    • Added 6 more games into NEST platform, as WAX gaming is growing. Now 27 games present on a platform.
  3. Collect.Social:
    • Boosters model provided, working on Free and Paid drops
    • Update with boosters and testing Gallery functionality
    • Launched ongoing auctions for Gallery Spots and Racoon tokens, with 12 spots per day auctioned.
    • PR and Media campaign, getting 10-50k users into social media via massive USDT airdrop and work with mention in general and WAX related crypto media.

Dapplica congratulates Deep Mine with successful NFT sales and great multipliers to all that made to get an NFT and aftermarket activities for this project. As a partner, we are helping on delivering technical things to Deep Mine as well as advising.

Dapplica wants to congratulate another partner, Wombat wallet. Wombat is finally part of the WAX ecosystem launching a solid promotional campaign. Dapplica did several introductions to other WAX projects, so many now support Wombat wallet users. Dapplica is on its way to making a PR campaign along with Wombat and our products such as Collect.Social and Dark Country.

Another project, that was brought by Dapplica from the very start of WAX is Prospectors. Prospectors have launched auctions and Grant Land gameplay in November as well.

Moving forward, Dapplica is expanding its infrastructure presence and looking forward to building several data services for WAX, some community tools, and launching a PR channel. Stay with us, vote for Dapplica GUILD.