1. Dark Country Updates (Released):
    • Update on reconnects and fixes on DC has been deployed;
    • Gathering feedback and tweaking Lands Playtests;
    • PR and drop on Valentine’s day;
    • Lands gameplay now launched on mainnet, still testing on the model and getting feedback.
  2. NEST (Released, NEST.dapplica.io):
    • In plans to add more NFT-gamified features that can be used by 3rd party game developers via NEST platform.
  3. Collect.Social (Released):
    • Fixes on play-to-earn functionality, improved UX, simplified game flow, as users churned;
    • On average we have 50 unique users for play2earn in gallery only, and 1000 games played per day;
    • Reaching businesses that might be interested in using Collect as a platform for PR;
    • Continue on ongoing auctions for Gallery Spots and Racoon tokens, with 6 spots per day auctioned (100+ auctions done in February);
    • New collection that won on voting has been added into Collect;
    • Collect.Social has 100-250 users according to DappRadar. Also there are 100+ daily users (not yet tracking as user isn’t doing direct action via blockchain, it’s completed by our server once) for play-to-earn and over 6000 puzzle games played daily;
    • In plans for following month is improvements and updates on Collect Gallery, rent of NFTs, rev-share adjustments on gallery, so user can change it;
    • Monthly trading volume is 2K USD.

Dapplica is glad to announce: Atomic Daily Backup service is also added.