1. Dark Country Updates (Released):
    • Update made for Dark Country Card game with new cards added and card balance update. An update is coming in January with stability fixes on reconnecting issues.
    • Gathering feedback and tweaking Lands Playtests.
    • Some of news can be found here https://darkcountrygame.medium.com/fortnight-recap-1-12-12-9da3b41fc136
    • Published Roadmap so can check plans for next 6 months. https://darkcountrygame.medium.com/dark-country-roadmap-update-846dab046e8b
  2. NEST ( Released , NEST.dapplica.io )
  • Fine tested and revived blending contract Can be found here https://github.com/dapplicaio/nest-platform/tree/master/nest-blend
  • In plans to add more NFT-gamified features that can be used by 3rd party game developers via NEST platform.
  1. Collect.social (Released )
  • Promoted and launched ongoing boosters drop/sale, boosters to be used in Gallery.
  • Major milestone: Gallery launched along with play to earn functionality
  • Continue on ongoing auctions for Gallery Spots and Racoon tokens, with 6 spots per day auctioned.
  • Voting is completed for new collection. Gods and Legends to be added into collect. Over 2 000 000 of Racoon tokens is burned due to that event.
  • New round of voting for new collections is live now.
  • Collect.Social has 250+ users according to dapp radar https://dappradar.com/wax/marketplaces/collect also there are 100+ daily users(not yet tracking as user isn’t doing direct action via blockchain, it’s completed by our server once ) for play to earn and over 6000 puzzle games played daily.
  • In plans for following month is improvements and updates on Collect Gallery, rent of NFTs, rev-share adjustments on gallery, so user can change it.

Dapplica is about to showcase also our media channel, finalizing a content.

As for infrastructure, we are working to get up and running History v1 and v2.