1. Dark Country Updates (Released):
  • Update made for Dark Country Card game with new cards added and card balance update. An update is coming in January with stability fixes on reconnecting issues;
  • Gathering feedback and tweaking Lands Playtests;
  • Some of news can be found here;
  • Published Roadmap so can check plans for next 6 months.

2. NEST (NEST.dapplica.io):

  • Fine tested and revived blending contract can be found here;
  • In plans to add more NFT-gamified features that can be used by 3rd party game developers via NEST platform.

3. Collect.Social (Released):

  • Promoted and launched ongoing boosters drop/sale, boosters to be used in Gallery;
  • Major milestone: Gallery launched along with play to earn functionality;
  • Continue on ongoing auctions for Gallery Spots and Racoon tokens, with 6 spots per day auctioned;
  • Voting is completed for new collection. Gods and Legends to be added into collect. Over 2 000 000 of Racoon tokens is burned due to that event;
  • New round of voting for new collections is live now;
  • Collect.Social has 250+ users according to DappRadar;
  • Also there are 100+ daily users (not yet tracking as user isn’t doing direct action via blockchain, it’s completed by our server once) for play to earn and over 6000 puzzle games played daily;
  • In plans for following month is improvements and updates on Collect Gallery, rent of NFTs, rev-share adjustments on gallery, so user can change it.

Dapplica is about to showcase also our media channel, finalizing content.

As for infrastructure, we are working to get up and running History v1 and v2.