Dark Country (Released)

  1. Released
    • Launched Lands release with SDM token, launched PVP game for SDM;
    • Card Leasing implemented in web and game client;
    • Got 300+ unique users that stake NFTs into the game (from 250 unique wallets);
    • Events and activities launched: that grew our audience on socials. Twitter – 1000+ subscribers from GameFi event only;
    • PVP vs AI released;
    • Monthly trading volume is depending on the month, in recent month around 3 500 USD;
    • Android build, complete, and run for internal testing.
  2. Plans:
    • Release the Android build;
    • Alliance Wars to finish;
    • IOS Build internal testing and preparing to release;
    • Big Balance patch;
    • PR and Bloggers outreach, starting ordering video reviews for the release of Dark Country;
    • Heroes added to gameplay for card game;
    • SDM staking for all players on lands;
    • Leagues and Seasons as well as a daily ladder to release;
    • In-game purchases(packs for SDM, in website and game client, other game spendings for SDM.

AtomicNotifyBot (Released)

Updated stats on the bot:

  • Users: 269,
  • Wallets: 152, which is 6%+ growth from the previous report.

Collect.Social (Released)

  • On average we have 50 unique users for p2earn in the Gallery only, and 1000 games played per day;
  • Continue on ongoing auctions for Gallery Spots and RACOON tokens, with 6 spots per day auctioned (around 50 auctions done in August);
  • Collect.Social has 100 users according to DappRadar. Also, there are 100+ daily users (not yet tracking as users are not doing direct action via blockchain, it’s completed by our server once) for play-to-earn and over 6000 puzzle games played daily;
  • June trading volume is 100 USD;

In plans:

  • Launching of 3D gallery
  • New Puzzles are to be launched as part of the p2earn approach, people can buy puzzles via RACOON token and receive WAX as prizes.


Defi tool updated, changed algorithm of payouts. Can be found at diyfarm.dapplica.io.